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Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School, was founded in the year 1986, by Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust. The school is owned and managed by the Trust. It is situated at a convenient location in Bibwewadi at Upper Indiranagar beside Vishwakarma Institute of Technology.

We, at Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School, stand by our core values defined by: Academic Excellence and Freedom, Tolerance and Inclusiveness and Freedom of Expression.

Our Mission

Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School commits to successfully contribute in understanding and meeting the needs of rapidly changing society. Thus, making the world a better and equitable place. We strive to achieve holistic development of personality through education.

Our Vision

Aligning to the changing paradigms in the global economy, society and the environment.
Challenging the status quo with respect to teaching methodology and thus bringing dynamism to the academic ambitions of the school.
Contributing towards producing worthy citizens equipped with the sound knowledge to navigate their skills for the well-being of the humanity.

Our Educational Approach

Be nimble and responsive to changes.
Engage in critical contemporary issues.
Be collaborative and have project-based learning.
Recognise the worth and value of each individual by putting humanity and diversity at the forefront.

Why Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School

It has to be Vishwakarma because the future begins here...

Under the dynamic leadership and able management of Mrs. Trupti Agarwal, the Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School executes various initiatives enlisted below:
Value-based education system.
Nurturing environment that leads to maximum learning and the all-round development of students.
Focus not only on academics but also on making our students socially adept.
Facilitating active participation in dramatics, role-playing and concerts which in turn foster better language skills and presentation skills thus building confidence in our students.
Focus on co-curricular and extracurricular activities for perfect body and mind development. Developing our students to face the world with confidence and belief in their own abilities.
Provide excellent infrastructure with well equipped classrooms having ample ventilation and sunlight.
E-learning facility made available in most of the classes. Abundance of teaching aids to make teaching efficient.
Excellent teacher to students ratio of 1 : 35.


Vishwakarma Vidyalaya Trustee It is a pleasure to welcome you and your child to Vishwakarma Vidyalaya School. The school is promoted and established by the BRACT, a trust that values education above all and which has earned a distinct reputation in the field of higher and technical education in Western India.

The VVS is committed to provide quality holistic education of the highest standards and equip all our students with knowledge and skills required to thrive in 21st century.

We have very recently been chosen by the Government of India to host the Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL), an initiative our government. Our school is privileged to be the very first in the State of Maharashtra to have the kind of facilities that will ensure that our students are at the front of Science Learning in our country. The lab is well equipped with a 3D printer that helps in the study of Robotics and other Science related subjects.

VVS provides state of the art infrastructure to compliment the efforts of our teaching staff. We assure you of a safe and innovative learning environment for your child to learn, explore, engage and acquire skills, knowledge and values to succeed as global citizens.

Through our past achievements and learning through time we keep applying fresh ideas and innovations to our curriculum. Co-curricular activities are aplenty and we provide a healthy atmosphere to learn and play.

We invite you to come, share and experience life at VVS as your child sets out on this path of lifelong learning.

Sou. Trupti Agarwal

Vishwakarma Vidyalaya Trustee Vishwakarma Vidyalaya ,run by Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust, established in 1986 and chaired by Mrs Trupti Bharat Agarwal has served the society for more than 3 decades.

It is the first and pioneer school in Bibwewadi Upper Indiranagar ,started by Hon’ Rajkumarji Agarwal with a noble purpose of serving education to the common man belonging to the lower middle class. It’s a co-ed school ,establishing gender equality. With the great support of Hon. Truptiji we are able to develop good infrastructure of Vishwakarma schools & are still developing.

The school is ISO certified and is the first school , in the western region to get ISO 2015 by British Standard Institute. The school has been continuously successful in achieving 100% result of SSC & above 90% result of HSC with no student in pass class. The school has recently been granted aid ,for establishing “Atal Tinkering lab” a projet by Niti Ayog for creating curiousity in young minds, and coming up with innovative ideas, with the help of science and technology . The schools state of the art infrastructure motivates all the teaching staff to give their best too.

Our motto is to develop Vishwakarma Schools as the one of best school in Pune. We ensure that the students satisfaction is of prime importance , and we are committed to give quality education to our students as per our commitment towards the society. The education system at VV strives for intellectual emotional, physical, philosophical, and social development of the students. We are looking forward to fulfill this motto by the true support of our Chairperson Hon. Truptiji Agarwal. We are really very fortunate for having the “PURE Divine” guidance of Hon. Res. Rajkumarji & Res. Trustees. we look forward to. achieve our aim & to maintain the “Aroma” of our school.

Mr. R.C. Betawadkar
Director VVS/ Jt. Sec. BRACT